SmartFuse ⇒ 3 in 1:

Battery fuse + Battery protect / Guard + Battery main switch
for DC (Direct Current) circuits / battery applications.

(no relay but MOSFET switches, and therefore no sparks!)


The SmartFuse is a Battery Guard/Protection + „Fuse“ that can detect under voltage, over voltage, over current (overload) and can disconnect the circuit. The voltage- and current values are programmable. The SmartFuse can be used with a (little) remote switch as a Battery(Main)Switch.

Instead of three different individual products, you have just one SmartFuse, which reduces costs in purchasing and installation time.

E.g. a “combi” inverter (inverter/charger/AC transfer switch combination):

In case of under voltage of the battery, the SmartFuse shuts down the consumers and connects the charger with the battery, so that the battery will be recharged. Only when the “on” voltage from the SmartFuse is reached, it is possible to get current/power from the battery again.