SmartFuse properties:

  • Battery Guard/Protector detects under voltage, over voltage, over current (overload) and disconnects the circuit
  • Programmable electronic Fuse ⇒ Six current values 75-250A
  • Connects the equipment safely without any spark at the battery
  • Battery Main Switch ⇒ Activating or de-activating the SmartFuse is possible with a (little) remote switch;
  • After overload/over current shutdown ⇒ Activation with a pushbutton
  • To prevent deep discharge of the battery ⇒ Four under voltage programs
  • Charging the battery is possible after a under voltage shutdown (disconnecting user)
  • Alarm output for signalling, starting the generator or battery charger
  • Reverse polarity protection of plus / minus battery
  • Over voltage shutdown (>16V@12V mode, >32V@24V mode)
  • Watertight IP67 housing
  • Responds fast to overload, unlike a normal fuse
  • No sticking or burning in of contacts possible and no sparks or oxidation of the contacts, unlike when switching large DC currents with a relay
  • High overload capability (ideal for starting 'Serious' heavy load)
Markets: Applications (Battery voltage 12 or 24V DC), other voltages and/or specials on request
Maritime sectors for example boats/ships/yachts Battery fuse + battery protect / guard + battery main switch;
Automotive, mobility & revalidation market Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters - vehicles with two power sources build-in like: police cars, ambulances, fire trucks - (Boat)trailers - trucks / busses - mobile homes - market carriage - special- / service cars – campervans - auxiliary vehicles - demonstration trucks - military vehicles - DTM/rally cars - air planes
Internal Transport Fork (lift) truck - electric vehicles -
Industry No-break / UPS traffic lights etc.
Telecommunication Emergency power generators with more than one battery on "board"
Autonomous PV-Solar systems Power Solutions for off-grid, autonomous energy (DC) supply
Back-up power/energy systems Back-up Power (DC/DC), emergency equipment